The Year in Review: Lifting the Fog

Opportunities for a deeper personal leadership reflection typically require us to get out of our daily “fog.”

What Are You Doing with Your Dash?

Our real selves know that authentic joy and our deepest sense of comfort come from releasing the need to prove anything.

Feast on Your Life: A New Year’s Reflection

The amount of overlap between your self-image and ideal self usually determines the degree of inner congruence you experience

Through the Looking Glass: Reflections for the New Year

A year-end reflection:  first looking back at the past year, then looking at the present, and then gazing forward, with a tool to help maintain balance.

Navigating by Feedback: What Leaders and Moths Have in Common

Navigating consistently by your deeper sense of purpose may not only help you be a better leader, it may even extend your life.

Reasons to Quit Your Leadership Job: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Why quit your job? There are good -- and not-so-good -- reasons to consider. What are those reasons? The answer: it depends.
7 Steps to Leading Without Fear

Too Big to Fail? 7 Steps to Leading Without Fear

How can we free ourselves from a fear of failure, that sense of anxious concern that so many leaders express? Here are exercises to help.