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How do we enhance team productivity?

Who has decision-making authority and in what areas?

How are conflicts resolved?

To be on a winning team, you have to consciously create a winning team – one that maximizes the value of each member’s contributions. Most organizations know what they want their teams to achieve, but many need help designing how to best achieve those goals. How do we enhance team productivity? Who has decision-making authority and in what areas? How are conflicts resolved? By addressing these questions and many others, Liminal Solutions’ team-based solutions improve team performance.

Liminal Solutions’ interventions are designed to help teams move to powerful action. We’ve identified many areas of challenge for group environments and crafted programs to help team members work more efficiently and effectively together. Some of our areas of team engagement include:

  • New Team Startup – How can your new team move most rapidly and powerfully towards its goals? We help you establish a charter, clarify roles and build relationships to accelerate your team’s “time to peak performance”.
  • New Leader Assimilation – How has a new leader impacted your group’s dynamics and efficacy? With our new leader assimilation practices, we can ease the transition of a team leader into a new role.
  • Team Integration – Has your team merged with another team through a restructuring or acquisition? Our process helps members adapt their strengths to new roles, processes or goals.
  • Relating For Success – Do members of your group need to work better together? We offer processes designed to build interpersonal trust, teach effective conflict management strategies, boost creative problem solving, and improve team communication.
  • Team Contracting – Are your team members all pulling in the same desired direction? We help groups define individual roles and appropriate levels of decision-making authority. Clear agreements minimize misunderstandings and frustration.
  • Networking – Does your team fully understand the capabilities and work style preferences of each individual member? Through a series of fun, high-energy activities, we can help strengthen member relationships.
  • General Team Effectiveness – Are team members continually seeking innovations that spur growth?  Or is the group not progressing as fast as it should be? Using a thorough diagnostic process, we assess where new opportunities lie. Then, by leveraging this data, we’ll introduce you to the most relevant practices of high-performing teams. The results: paradigm shifts that lead to valuable breakthroughs and higher levels of productivity.

In increasingly matrixed organizational structures, navigating complex inter- and intra-team dynamics requires expertise. Liminal Solutions applies a wide range of ideas and practices built on our advanced training in organizational psychology, our extensive experience in coaching teams of all levels across a wide range of industries, and our proven methodologies for achieving results quickly. Our road-tested team solutions include:

  • Rigorous Needs Analysis Process – What results does the larger organization need your team to deliver?   How does the team’s current profile align with those desired results? We’ll collect 360º feedback as well as analyze existing metrics to understand your team’s performance and the larger organizational context.
  • Identification of Team Member Talents & Resources – What are the capabilities and resources of each team member? We’ll explore what each team member can contribute, as well as define roles, responsibilities and critical interdependencies tied to your organization’s objectives.
  • Mapping Blocked Potential – What impediments are blocking the attainment of your team’s full potential? Using the assessment data we gather, we’ll target team interventions to help your team discover how to overcome challenges and rise to its highest potential.
  • Designing Custom Solutions and a Pathway to Growth – Using a combination of expertise, engaging workshops, and insight-building exercises, we’ll give your team tools and methods uniquely suited for its needs. Then we’ll make sure you have the day-to-day practices, team action plans and outcome metrics to sustain the changes into the future.

“Liminal Solutions facilitated a one-day retreat for our team. Not only did they do a wonderful job of building rapport and credibility immediately with the group, but they challenged our thinking and drove us to a deeper level of dialogue than we had experienced in the past.”

“Deb and I have collaborated on many teams and organizational assignments together. She is creative, well spoken and can take even the most difficult of situations and handle it with ease.”

“My function has worked extensively with Deb in work that has ranged from high level visioning and strategic planning to helping us improve our abilities to work together as a team. She is the whole package – she brings valuable content, is able to communicate it in an engaging manner and elicits rich discussion, which results in personal and group insights.”

“In a recent post-meeting survey, a full 100% of the attendees found Deb’s work with us valuable (versus 60% approval ratings for another vendor we used in the same meeting).”

Business Team Consulting - Next StepsWhat could your team accomplish if they were functioning at the very top of their potential? At Liminal Solutions, we’re ready to explore the possibilities with you.

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