Organizational Coaching - ChicagoCreating The Future-Ready Organization

How nimble is your organization?

How will it respond to a future that is unfolding at unprecedented speed?

And how can it thrive in this liminal space?

At Liminal Solutions, we map the way forward with you. You’ll need a blueprint, a vision for the future. We work with your leadership team to develop it. You’ll need meaningful metrics to measure progress. We’ll help you define the metrics and create scorecards that align individual, team and organizational goals. And you’ll want to keep the process practical yet powerful. We deliver highly engaging workshops and consulting to catapult your business forward.

When all stakeholders are aligned, greater success becomes possible. Consequently, our organizational solutions are designed to integrate with other individual and team solutions you may also be deploying. So, for example, you may host a Futuring Session with your leadership team, then follow it with implementation sessions to both introduce the Futuring content and develop new goals and measures with lower level teams. The full power of the combined organizational and team solutions can then cascade throughout your organization.

1. Identifying Future Needs Now

Being ready for the future means identifying and addressing a range of potential organizational issues. A sampling includes:

  • Changes in the marketplace and competitive set.
  • Changes in the organization including mergers, acquisitions and divestures.
  • Changes in employee engagement indicating confusion, frustration or disengagement.
  • A corporate culture that has become misaligned with the desired future.
  • Sub-optimal performance and territoriality between functional groups.
  • Short-term focus on day-to-day tasks at the expense of  long-range vision and strategy.
  • A lack of innovation in key business practices.

2. Inventing Tomorrow with Our Futuring Process

Using our innovative Futuring Process, your organization will be ready to engage  challenges like never before. Using this interactive, multi-stage process, our facilitators will help your leadership team clarify the organization’s objectives in a future-focused context. We’ll provide the guiding framework so your leaders are supported in creating a compelling vision. Then you’ll establish goals, identify strategies and develop metrics to drive progress and change.

The needs of your organization define the parameters of the Futuring Process. Your customized methodology may include:

  • Assessment – We’ll talk with designated key stakeholders to examine the organization’s current culture, systems, capabilities and practices.
  • Analysis – We’ll analyze the assessment findings along with relevant performance data to help you identify the highest return areas of focus  and the strategies to get there.
  • Metrics – We’ll work with you to establish best practices and scorecards to keep progress on track.
  • Mentoring – We’ll provide workshops and consulting to motivate the change process and support your leaders in becoming catalysts.
  • Evaluation – As your organization implements its new plan, we’ll collect updated  performance data. Using this data, we’ll assess the efficacy of implemented changes and offer suggestions on needed refinements to your plan.

3. Develop Future Fitness in Your Organization

Armed with a clear vision of the future, you may see a need to cultivate new skills and practices in your employees. That’s why we’ve developed strength-building presentations around popular topics such as:

  • Unleashing The Leader Within
  • Emotional Intelligence: Building “Smart Relationships”
  • Motivating for Performance
  • Bringing Creativity Back Into The Workplace

“Liminal Solutions provided significant organizational coaching to our law department, making us stronger as a group and as individual lawyers. Quite simply, Deb is spectacular! I’ve gained tremendously from working with her.”

“I have worked alongside Deb Loftus in strategic planning situations over the past 10 years. Most recently, at Vistar Corporation (a $2.5 billion dollar business with 3000 associates), we chose Liminal Solutions to help us develop and implement a corporate strategic plan for a very complex and slow-changing business.

The clarity of Liminal Solutions’ process and the quality of the output were what we would have expected when working with the world class, large strategy firms. What we didn’t expect but gained as an even greater value were the empowerment, education and development of a new culture within our entire leadership team.

Liminal Solutions pushed us to explore all strategies, engaged a dynamic group of diverse leaders and finished the delivery of our Corporate Strategic Plan. Deb Loftus has incredible experience and a passion to help her clients define and get after cultural and financial success levels they don’t always see themselves.”

Organizational Consulting - Next StepsTranslating your leadership vision into empowering action for individuals, for teams and for your entire organization can drive unprecedented success. Let us develop custom solutions to make sure that your organization is ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

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