Liminal Solutions Consulting ServicesCrossing The Threshold to Future Success

Are you standing at the threshold of your best “leadership self”: your finest performance, your next big achievement, or a significant decision that will transform your organization? We call that threshold “liminal space” – the doorway between outmoded ways of leading and undiscovered pathways to success.

Why Liminal Solutions?

  • Liminal Solutions Provides the Way Forward

    Here’s the idea behind Liminal Solutions. Our coaching guides you into that future that can be glimpsed from the doorway…for you, for your team, and for your organization. That’s the work we’re committed to – providing solutions for the liminal spaces in your leadership journey.

  • We Help Individuals Overcome Obstacles

    Movement through liminal space often gets blocked.  You may be adapting to a new role, one that requires more of you than ever before. You might lack perspective or the ability to see yourself and your performance objectively. You may be striving to acquire more reliable data and strategies to navigate around the barriers that stand in your way. Or you may be distracted by the constant press of external demands and daily crises, instead of being led by a vision of what could be. We can help. We hold up a mirror to your leadership behaviors so that you can see how you are perceived by your “leadership customers.” We offer the coaching, consultation, education and strategy development to create your action plan for progressive change.

  • We Help Teams Work Together

    With teams, the challenges go beyond the individual. We explore how to maximize the effectiveness of team members working together. We help you identify smarter ways to monitor and measure your team’s progress. We share new resources so you learn the techniques that will drive positive change. By exploring solutions in this liminal space, we help you find all the ways for you, your team, and your organization to reach higher objectives.

  • We Help Organizations Envision the Future

    When trying to steer the course of an organization, every leader inevitably encounters unexpected challenges. And while your team may possess all the expertise and knowledge you need to navigate any challenge, the challenge is to find new ways to apply that knowledge and form it into cogent strategic and operational plans.

    How does Liminal Solutions help?  First, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to bring just the right-fitting solution. Then we apply our deep experience and custom processes to facilitate futuring, strategic planning and cultural development processes. At all times, we work closely with you and your leadership team to help you map out the desired future of your organization as well as the pathways for getting there.

At the highest levels of leadership, subtle shifts can produce great dividends. And if small changes can drive great gains, isn’t it time to explore the solutions that will accelerate your movement through the liminal spaces that challenge you, your team or your organization?

We invite you to explore the success the lies beyond your current reality, to see what Liminal Solutions can do for you.