liminal-valuesOur Core Values

We hold our values at the center of everything we do.  Our core values inspire us to embody the following values-based commitments:

  • Bring the Best of What We Hold to Every Situation.

    We are committed to operating with impeccable integrity and delivering a gold standard of excellence in everything we do, from overall work products to the smallest nuance of how we carry ourselves through the world.  We fully deliver on our promises in each and every engagement.

  • See Potential in Every One and Every Thing.

    We strive to live out of a deep and sustained commitment to seeing and capturing the potential in every client and team engagement.  We look beyond the superficial aspects of the individuals and organizations with whom we work to connect with depth and meaning, while respecting individual differences.  We invite individual clients to work holistically, balanced with maintaining appropriate boundaries.

  • Catalyze Curiosity and Growth.

    Our goal with every client is to engage their powers of introspection, creativity and commitment to manifest the very best of who they are.  Likewise, we challenge ourselves to remain curious, to be students of life and our profession, and to constantly grow and improve our ability to serve our clients.

  • Build Customer Focused Partnership.

    We partner closely with our clients and take on their goals as our own.  We focus on coming to know both the organization and our individual clients, with particular emphasis on creating alignment among the various components of the human system.

  • Provide Practical Innovation.

    We consistently think outside the box and push the envelope as we architect state-of-the-art, yet deeply practical, solutions wherever possible.

  • Deliver Value.

    We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive value considerably greater than the cost of our services.