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Am I seeing myself and my impact on others clearly?

How can I become a better leader?

What actions should I take to successfully drive change around me?

To overcome obstacles and maximize your effectiveness, you’ll need a fresh perspective on your complete portfolio of talents, skills and abilities.  Our team at Liminal Solutions provides you with an insightful, data-driven view into your signature strengths, developmental needs and untapped potential for leadership and professional success. In the process of coaching you, we supply insights that not only reflect your capabilities but address the roles you function and lead in, the culture of your organization and the forces at work in your industry. Informed by this comprehensive picture of you and your unique challenges and opportunities, we then work alongside you to identify the best practices to drive the improvement you seek.

Liminal Solutions offers practical insights and processes to help you successfully navigate through your  “liminal spaces” – those times of challenge and transition in which old ways of operating are losing their effectiveness and new, more effective ways haven’t yet clearly emerged. Just as light enters a room when a door opens, our processes illuminate what awaits you at the threshold of change. Some of the liminal spaces we can bring expert assistance to include:

  • Transition Acceleration – Coaching to help you thrive in a new role, leadership context or organization.
  • Performance Enhancement – Strengthening your leadership performance within an existing role.
  • Unleashing Potential –  Conducting targeted assessment and development as a part of your organization’s commitment to developing its highest potential leaders.
  • Rediscovering Purpose –  Partnering with you to identify your underlying sense of purpose and core values to guide you on your leadership journey

If you were developing a new product or process, you’d do extensive research and then develop a plan for maximizing the design and successful launch of your product. Think of Liminal Solutions as “research & development” for your potential. Within the confidential relationship between coach and client, your Liminal Solutions coach will help you identify and then develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will ensure your future success.

What will your coaching process look like? Taking into account the objectives that both you and your organization value, you’ll experience the benefits of a best-fitting methodology customized for you. Options include:

  • In-depth collection of information – To find what serves your progress best, we need to understand all we can about your current and desired future leadership contexts. We accomplish this by discussing your leadership role with you and your manager as well as reviewing your performance goals, outcome metrics, strategic plans and organizational charts.
  • An individual assessment process – Standardized psychological testing and 360-degree feedback collection add additional perspective on your strengths, development needs and leadership potential.
  • Real-time observation – Additional insights  come from observing you as you lead your team or interact with other colleagues in leadership situations.
  • Collaborative creation of a development plan – Partnering closely with you, we’ll develop a strategic, measurable growth plan to move you forward.
  • Three-way sessions with your manager – Coach-led meetings with you and your manager help ensure your progress moving forward and that you’re being well supported in your change efforts.
  • Intensive coaching sessions – Along the way, you’ll receive strategically-timed new learning, leadership practices and day-to-day insights for behavior changes to maximize your progress.

In our 12-year history, our clients have thrived from their Liminal Solutions coaching.   Given our deep experience with clients and organizations across a broad range of industries and settings, our clients receive an unmatched perspective on how to quickly and efficiently achieve their goals.  Of our many satisfied clients, here is a sampling of their experiences:

“Our work had an immediate impact on my self awareness, helped me communicate with people on tough subjects and added confidence and speed to my decision-making.”

“Deb Loftus was my coach when I stepped into a new general counsel position. Her coaching enabled me quickly to understand both the company and the legal organization and to gain credibility and build strong working relationships within each.”

“They helped me see and understand myself from a different viewpoint and played a pivotal role in my success in being promoted.”

Individual Coaching - Next StepsWith individual coaching, you will gain the fresh perspective and targeted strategies for the leadership results that you seek.  We would welcome the opportunity to play a part in your leadership success story.

To explore the possibilities, contact Liminal Solutions at 773.647.3143.